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Hello forum members!

I joined the group to pass on information regarding the experiences my wife and I have had so far with our DR Brush Cutter purchased in the fall of 2018.

We have a 3.6 acre homestead in central Arizona, about fifteen miles SW of Prescott, AZ. The back perimeter line of the property abuts ranch land, and the northern property line borders a highway easement along AZ state route 89. This presents approximately 1500 feet of raw, brushy fire line that needs to be thinned and cleared.

The terrain is high desert chaparral, with larger, mature Scrub Oak and some Mesquite. It is quite thick in some places, and is a real challenge to deal with as we are performing fire-wise clearing activities to create a larger defensible space around the property.

I'll outline the issues we have had with the DR in the appropriate forum section. I hope they will benefit anyone that may have had similar experiences.

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