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Fuel line on an xt700

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My weed eater dies once the fuel from the primer is burned up. When I tilt it sideways so that the fuel gets directly to the lines it stays running. I checked inside the tank and the filter with line attached was just floating freely around the tank.
I'm assuming the end of that line must connect to one of the two lines going from the tank to the carb, but I don't see how.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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sounds like the line has broken and will need replaced its a fairly easy process to replace the fuel lines on them. just replace one line at a time that way you don't accidentally mix up which side of the carb that they connect to. some models have a small barb type fitting that the line will connect to inside the tank but on most the line is just a snug fit through the holes in the tank so that it doesn't leak. if you need any tips on installing the new line let me know.
The line with the filter goes to the inlet on the Carb, if it is just floating, then it is broke and you need a new line. the other line is the return line, it comes from the Primer Bulb and just goes into the tank a little bit. The line can be really a pain to get thru the tank hole, patience is good and don't enlarge them any or they will leak gas. Don't ask how I know this!:D
I forgot to add......
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what they said but I'd also replace the primer bulb and that line too. One light goes out they all go out is usually the case for me.
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