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I have a diesel generator on my boat that has a sheave giving me problems.
The generator is a 1 cylinder Kubota farm engine driving a 3Kw alternator. The engine is water cooled via an impeller pump. The pump is belt driven, single V groove. The shaft on the pump is 3/8". The original sheave was completely worn out. The set screw on the new sheave does not have a key, its simply a hex nut (after checking several manufacturers, this seems to be the norm). I've put it on twice now, insuring that the set screw goes on to the flat portion of the pump drive shaft, and it is loosened each time. Once, I know I did not tighten enough, second: very tight but after only an hour of use, it still loosened up.

Is my only option Loc-tite? Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Hmmm, does the pulley fit tight on the shaft, diameter wise? Is there anyway to take a pic? this might help understand you situation alittle better.

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