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I have a Firehawk, hot water/steam machine that has a Hypro (i think its a hypro) piston pump with a cracked cast iron body. Machine is electric with a diesel fired burner. Before the crack was huge, the machine would work very well for about 15 minutes then the air would kill the burner, and white plumes of smoke would come out of the chimney. When this happens the arc never quits, it still is strong as ****. Since it is electric, and risk of electrocution seems to be high with water leaking inside of the machine, I've stopped using it completely. It is rated at 1000psi hot water, 2.2GPM, and has a 3500rpm ( i think 1.5 or 3 Hp ) electric motor. The electric motor powers both the diesel fuel pump by a belt, and the water pump is bolted on the other end of the shaft. It also has no trigger on the gun. I have a few questions.

  1. Is there any recommendations y'all can suggest for a pump replacement that i can install on the electric motor as it sits and get it back up and running?
  2. What all is needed to convert this into a steam pressure washer with an actual trigger?
  3. If the electric motor powering the airflow, pump, and diesel pump limits my choices tremendously, what would be involved to convert over to a Honda GX360 or a 17lb Simplicity Flat 2 Engine?
If that makes no sense, just say something and ill attempt to clarify what i meant. I have a **** time putting my thoughts onto paper for others to read.
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