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filter/dryer and lubricator

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what do yall use if any, i got a harbor freight filter/reg/oiler but its not hooked up, i could never get the oil set right and was making to much oil mess

so what do yall use and how do yall use it
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Filter, regulator. I have a lubricator, but seldom use it. I find a few drops of oil before I use a tool and a few drops afterward has been okay. If I use the tool very much I will lube it some during use. Every air tool I have has a different requirement for oil, so it is easier to be without the lubricator and lube as needed.
i been using marvel mystery oil for air tools just a few drops

this time im buying/trying lucas air tool oil
all i use is a water separator right at the tank outlet other than that i oil my tools daily as i use them
I have used MM oil and Lucas. They both seem to work okay!
i know the cheap junk kept blowing out the exhaust, got more on me than inside the tool
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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