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All of what you're planning sounds great. With the arduino it should be straightforward to remote start through the remote start connector as you've stated.

I presume that enabling the circuit breakers is something which cannot be automatically controlled either?

It would be great if you could auto start the generator, allow it to warm up before enabling the inverter output.

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An update on my project.
I've made a PCB design that I've ordered. Once I have it and I know the design works I'll post all the cad files and schematics as open source on github.
Circuit component Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Electronic component Microcontroller

Some of the features of the PCB:
  • Uses the ESP32 mini microcontroller as a module. This offers WiFi and BT.
  • Connects up to both the remote start port and the DLC port.
  • Input isolation on everything
  • Remote Start IO features:
    • Engine kill
    • Sensor for when the engine is reported as running via remote start connector
    • Sensor for detecting when the main switch is turned on/off so it can know if its possible to start via software
    • Start signal
  • Aswell as the DLC connection to read things like
    • Engine RPM
    • Power output of each inverter
    • Estimated Fuel consumption
    • Battery voltage
Hopefully I'll have one of these fully assembled in a couple weeks and can start going down the firmware rabbit hole.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts