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I bought a new carburetor for my Honda EU2000i generator but the Eco throttle motor wire harness plug does not match the factory jack. I swapped the old Eco throttle motor assembly onto the new carburetor and that worked. The new carburetors I found on eBay seem to all have the same wire plug. At $20 per carburetor, it's cheaper and quicker to replace the whole thing then to take it apart, clean it, replace gaskets.
1. Is there a source to buy the old style plug and the new style jack so I can make an adapter to make carburetor change easier? The old style sub-wire assembly part number is 32196-Z07-C00. As an alternative I could replace the new plug with a trailer lights 4 wire plug and attach a matching jack to the factory plug. Or cut off the new plug and wire nut to the old plug.
2. The wire colors are different. Which new (blue, pink, orange, yellow) goes with which old (blue, yellow, red, white)?

Original Factory plug, retention clip on top
Original Factory Wires: top - blue, yellow bottom - red, white

New throttle motor assembly with wire, no clip on plug
wires: yellow, orange, pink, blue

Plan B, use a trailer lights plug to replace the new plug, add a matching jack to the old factory plug

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stick with the oem servo if you can!
they are a better design.
yea hard to beat the new chonda parts price!

they have the clone carb down for sure!
the afr is better. at least for my mid west altitude. 800 feet
not sure on the jetting for lower or higher altitude..

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I found a source for the new style Eco-mode throttle wire jack/plug, made an adapter, and on
the third try got it to work.
JPM Supply #95335 4 Pin Quick Disconnect Pigtail, 0.110 Terminals, 18AWG, 12" $1.89 comes
with a jack on one end and plug on the other.
I could not find a plug or jack to match the factory one at the switch so I got 2
#95329 2 Pin Quick Disconnect Pigtail, 0.110 Terminals, 18AWG, 12" $1.49 and ground the
plastic sides down on the 2 plug ends so they would fit side by side in the factory jack at
the Eco-mode switch.
The wire mapping that worked:
Carburetor/servo: Eco-Mode switch jack:
_ ___
/ \ | 4 1 |
\_/ | |
1 2 3 4 | 3 2 |
Yellow(1) | |
Orange(2) ___
Blue (4)

The pigtails looked good but on one of the 2-connector plugs one of the wire's and its
crimp-on fitting pulled out and on one of the 4-connector jacks one of the wires pulled out
of its crimp-on fitting. The jacks' terminals can be removed by depressing a small detent on
the terminal and pushing it out of the plastic jacket. It made re-crimping and soldering the
wire easier and made swapping the wires around during the tests easier.

The first test caused the engine to over-rev (pretty scary), the second made it run only at
the Eco-mode speed with the Eco-switch on or off. The third successful test is pictured

I ended up getting 2 carburetors from different vendors on eBay. The first arrived with no
gaskets, no shipping padding/bubble wrap, no cover for the throttle servo, and the choke
lever was snapped off. For $24 I did not want to spend time returning it so I epoxied and
pinned the choke lever on and it works. While waiting for the epoxy to set I ordered another
carburetor from hieu05g7b_3 eBay item# 392888258283. It arrived wrapped in bubble wrap with
3 different gaskets and the servo cover for $19.99. I also ordered a few extra gaskets that
go between the carburetor and the engine and the air cleaner and some carburetor cleaner
from Zoro.com. I got the first new carburetor working with the factory original servo and
wire harness, cleaned the factory carburetor and got it working with the new servo and wire
harness adapter I built, and I have the 2nd new carburetor in its box for when I'm too lazy
to drain the gas from the generator and it gums up again.

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The wire mapping that worked:
1-yellow 2-orange 3-purple 4-blue

Eco-mode switch:
4_ _1
3_ _2
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