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that is a little package!
yea you have to have an good ipad to get the good out of the unit for sure...
1K for a price point is ok.
is it update able?
or is it a one time deal...

these days anything with blue tooth is dated on how many years the blue tooth may work as far as version...

look at cell phones right now 1g,2g and now 3g will be off line later this month and maybe next month (late jan, end of feb 2022) so if you have an older cell phone it will be bricked on text and calls...
but the internet parts will still work if you have wifi...
and this affects some ipads with cell for the data connection.....

i hate to hijack the conversation with cell phone stuff..
but it does make a difference when buying any gear that is connected right now...
variants of 5g are already rolling out... and 6G is already in the works!
tech world is changing fast!
i still have tube testers!! LOL!! and the good ones at that!
Bluetooth is local device to device transmission which isn’t a broadcast thing. It’s vary backwards compatible or atleast have been so far…

Between the ht9022 and fluke 345 I’d still rather a used 345 for a couple hundred more. Though they are both way rich for my blood.

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Eaton Corp (power folks) has a wp (Harmonics in your electrical system) on the THD problem inside the house:

"Harmonics are a distortion of the normal electrical current waveform, generally transmitted by
nonlinear loads. Switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), variable speed motors and drives,
photocopiers, personal computers, laser printers, fax machines, battery chargers and UPSs
are examples of nonlinear loads. Single-phase non-linear loads are prevalent in modern
office buildings, while three-phase, non-linear loads are widespread in factories and industrial

A large portion of the non-linear electrical load on most electrical distribution systems comes
from SMPS equipment. For example, all computer systems use SMPS that convert utility AC
voltage to regulated low-voltage DC for internal electronics. These non-linear power supplies
draw current in high-amplitude short pulses that create significant distortion in the electrical
current and voltage wave shape—harmonic distortion, measured as total harmonic distortion
(THD). *The distortion travels back into the power source and can affect other equipment
connected to the same source.*

Most power systems can accommodate a certain level of harmonic currents but will
experience problems when harmonics become a significant component of the overall load. "

I'm not saying anybody shouldn't use an inverter/generator ... it's recently new to the home generator market. Perhaps reducing every source of THD is the answer ... on the outside (your generator), and then on the inside (your devices).

We don't use an inverter/generator (cost, complexity, etc.), but then, our off-grid inverter/charger (magnum) probably deals with the worst of THD thrown by our genny (duromax 12kw open-frame), and then all the rest of the time, we get clean sine wave power going into the house. Where, unfortunately, it then gets used by all the devices inside that turn around and throw THD back out on the house wiring ...
It’s not a VFD but I guess my soft start unit on my central AC is technically a big source of THD during ramp up. Are inverter fridges and HVAC units contributors as well?

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You are correct. I am wrong. It was something I learned and then forgot! Thanks.
Apparently not totally wrong. I'm learning, too.

Look up 'double conversion UPS'

These things take input AC, convert to DC and then back to a pure sine wave AC. Similar to an inverter generator. (OrlyP)

Expensive, though ... minimum $500 on Amazon.

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