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Energair 2 air compressor

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I recently bought this used air compressor and I am trying to get an operation manual on it. It is a 5hp Energair 2 unit, compressor head is a model 5B50E80B. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Thank you Peter M
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Welcome to the forum Peter!
Best I could come up with is this from another site, but it seems to be an old failed link.
If I can find anything more I'll post it up for you.
Thank you for looking. From what I have found it is around a 1984 model.
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Recently I was told it is an ABAC pump made in Italy. But I can't seem to tie it to any models they manufactured. I sent off an email a week ago and no reply. It is similar to their 6000 series but is a tad smaller.

I contacted EnergAir and they are a controls group. No help their.
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