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I am going absolutely crazy. Doesn't matter what I replace I just can't get my predator 4000 to pump my well any more. It only pumped one time. It's a month old and I couldn't afford a warranty. EVERYONE says it's because I'm a girl. I doubt that. Any ideas?
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so post the specs on the pump.
are you at 120 vac or 240 vac?
and what is the run current on the pump as well as the start current?

you might need a larger gen set if the pump is a deep well pump.
most folks like to be at a 10k generator for a run at 7k.
some pumps are energy hogs for the start current.
the deep well pumps can need 4 times the run current for the start current.
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All of the above….but I bet that the generator will run the pump if the pressure in the tank was zero? That’s probably the case when it worked the once. If I’m correct, the generator is too small because the pump demand is too much with a half full tank. However, get the answers for Iowa and that will help paint the picture. 😬
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I wonder if it is this model generator?

Seems to be one of the few smaller gens with 240V output. Probably too small for a well pump.
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