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Dometic Gen/w onan engine

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I posted this on MTF but didnt get the info I needed found out thogh that is a AJ onan but thats aboput it also found a schamitic but isnt the right one anyone have any input on this ? ED. its a 4000watt 120 volt out of RV
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is it a "in bay" gen set or a portable rv gen set, IIRC the only "in bay" dometics were over seas, the closest thing is a APU from dometic for a big rig

need the acutal model type number or year

like i got a 1995 Onan Marquis Gold 7000
This is an in-bay unit model no. 8699-1 only other thing on it is DMC-45
ser no. 6734879 thanks ED
does anyone know where I can get a manual for an onan AJ engine?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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