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Do you buy from shop or

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internet? I've bin using Bailey's to buy my bars and chains and other parts that I need. They have some real good deals on things. And they've always bin helpful and polite.

I Know if you want genuine Stihl parts, you gotta go to the dealer. But that's just smart business.

Do you guys have a favorite place to buy from? Or know of any good deals?

Bailey's summer sale is ending the 30th. They got a good closeout deal on some bar and chains.
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I buy a lot of my parts from Freds
i shop around for the best item/price

the net, local shops, and ebay

in this economy i got to stretch every penny but still satisfy my need for "toys" :D:p;)
I usually buy local, don't need to replace them that often.
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I hear ya!:) Beiing I work on a fair amount of saws, weedeaters, and other Power Equipment;) for people. That's why I try buying in bulk. But as things are now, it's hard to put out hundreds of dollars, that I won't make a fast return on.
Fortunately I have not had to buy much either, don't cut enough firewood that I've wear out too many chains/bars, but when I do, been lucky enough to get replacements at our local tractor supply store since they carry the Poulan brand anyway. I usually get the bar oil and mix for the gas there too :).
I usually don't wear them out, just dull them up bad by hitting the ground! :D Last chain I got was from HD.
For chainsaw parts I buy from the local small guys but I don't know for how much longer. They are really struggling now especially with the economy the way it is. :(
To have something to do last winter, I bought some old green Poulan junkers off eBay, then did total teardowns, and refurbish.
I had excellent service for anything I needed from OutdoorDistributors.
Prices were extremely reasonable and fast shipping.
Welcome to the forum, GlenM! Thanks for posting the parts distibutor. i'll have to look them up.:)
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