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Hi All,

During power outages, I have a Champion Generator #46533 and have the 30Amp 120 Volt ouput split to go through two Tripp Lite LC2400's. Each LC2400 powers one leg of my circuit breaker box. I don't have any 220 volt circuits. The TrippLites to provide better voltage regulation during those times when the generator is adjusting to load changes. Although not recommended by the generator manufacturer, I'm using this to power electronics as the LC2400 output voltage is very consistent.

I'm not ready to invest in an inverter generator, but like the better voltage regulation inverter generators offer. Is anyone aware of something that will enable me to convert 120V AC to DC with sufficient current to power an 5000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter? My other reason for going down this path as I like the idea of having a separate inverter.

Appreciate the help.

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