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craftsman saw troubles

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hello im having a no start issue with my saw its a 2009 model 358.351600. it has compression has a decent spark but cant get it to fire seems to be getting fuel i have cleaned the carb, changed plugs ,any ideas
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try pouring a small ammount of gas into the carb and see if it will start if so then you need to make sure that the fuel lines are good, and the filter is clean. if those things check out ok then you'll probably need to clean and adjust the carb
i always like starting fluid :D

if you are using a 10% ethonol gas with your gas oil mix and letting it sit for a few months your problem could be there too
well the whole story i got for the saw was working fine cutting up a few tree limbs ran out of gas and now i havent been able to get it running since so far all i have gotten is one pop thru the carb
not sure if its even possible but if its popping through the carb you might want to make sure that the flywheel key didn't shear although i have never heard of that happening on a saw
i checked that already its actually part of the flywheel on this saw
Sounds like a piece of crud has the carb partially plugged. Happens, even on the first tank full if it runs completely out of fuel.:D
well i pulled the carb apart again soaked it in carb cleaner put it back together and still nothing seems like when you prime the bulb it goes thru the carb and right back into the tank i may bite the bullet and take it to a repair shop this weekend i have run out of ideas
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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