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Hi Group,

About 5 years ago I bought a used Craftman power washer with a Briggs and Stratton motor off a friend. Black thing on a metal stand (no wheels, etc). It was a bit rusty and beaten but it was a good deal so I took it. I put it in my garage where it was forgotten to time until last weekend.

I took it apart and cleaned it up, not expecting it to work (oil leaked, etc) but I was surprised at how quickly it started and how smoothly it ran. I will eternally be a B&S fan.
The problem I did run into, is around the power washing hose and wand. I had 2 wands and 3 spare hoses. I couldn't get any of them to work.

I had a karcher wand and hose that fitted properly to the power washer, but the hose had holes. Bad water leakage. In addition, this hose appeared to be integrated into the wand as a single unit so I considered the whole kit to be rubbish.
I had a separate wand (wand#2), that appeared better. Wand#2 connected to the second hose with a double-male adapter. That was fine. On the other end of the second hose however, the piece that connected to the power washer would not fit. To the eye, it looked almost the same size as the karcher hose that worked, but it must be slightly larger.
The 3rd hose was not the solution either. Unfortunately, the 3rd hose didn't have a female end that would fit into the wand#2. Both end of the 3rd hose appeared to be the same that would insert into the power washer.

I am web shopping options and see wand+hose options like I have linked below, however the fact that I had a size problem with the hose fitting into my power washer makes me apprehensize. If there isn't a standard size, I guess I need to be very careful or pick up adapters to make it all work. And if there are known adapters, perhaps I should start there to see if I can get the 3rd hose to fit into wand#2. Sorry, this is likely very confusing and without pictures difficult to follow.

Any guidance or advice?
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