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I have a gas powered log splitter (other than the stickers, it looks identical to Gas-Powered Log Splitters - How to Pick the Perfect Gas Wood Splitter).

The engine is falling apart, and has always been rather noisy, and hard to start. The engine simply powers some hydraulic energy generator, which then powers the hydraulic splitter. What if I just hooked the hydraulic cabling up to a tractor?

Would I blow the splitter up? I guess they are designed to just hook up to any equipment without worrying too much about blowing them up, and I imagine there is a way to control how much pressure it uses. And thinking about it, the splitter actually is bigger and put out more power than most hydraulic systems hooked up to normal sized tractors. Normally the tractor would use its hydraulic system to maybe lift 400-6000 pounds, though I am sure it could do multiples of that if needed. Well that is small potatoes compared to what this log slitter puts out. So while the engine is dinky, compared to the tractor, the hydraulic system is actually on par.
The splitter seems designed, such that the engine just constantly creates hydraulic energy when needed (like an air tank, I assume), and you direct it with a level at the splitter. While the tractor is designed to have a lever direct some instrument up/down, open/closed, etc. How would I set it up to just send out hydraulic pressure when able (and possibly control how much pressure it creates)?

Also it is a two ?power? splitter. It slows down when it needs more strength. I am not sure how this is done. if the engine/hydraulic generator does this, or this is taken care of in the hydraulic cabling/mechanism themselves. Also with the engine being like 10 times bigger, would the splitter go faster? Would it press harder? Would it possibly just never go into slow, but powerful mode, as it has horse power to spare?

Any ideas? Someone must of done this at some time, I am just not sure how much tinkering it would require. Thanks in advance.
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