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Can A Check Valve Be Fixed And/Or Cleaned?

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Have a check valve that I think is letting air through......it is either stuck open/dirty/clogged, etc... (just got the compressor, Ingersol Rand 5 hp/60 gal..built in 1987....it had been sitting idle for 3-4 years...everything was very dirty, covered with layer(s) of what I think was dried out auto body filler dust but cleaned up very nice....) or worst case defective............want to try and clean it before spending money on a replacement..........wondering what would be the best way to try and clean it out........not sure if a grease cleaner/solvent would damage it in any way.........any tips/suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks :confused:
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if the check valve is all metal then use some brake parts cleaner on it
Found A Defective Check Valve

Well, pulled the check valve out and it was broken, so got a replacement at Grainger (11 bucks), then a couple adapters at Home Depot and all is well...thanks for the advice. :)
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