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Hi, I posted this ad once but it seems to have disappeared, maybe I was in the wrong forum?

At the end of October I bought a ‘SwitZer Air Compressor 50L Litre LTR 2.5HP 8 BAR 230V 9.6CFM Wheel AC001 Grey’ for £109.90 (They have now been reduced to £99.90). When I tried to use it the pressure only reached about 1bar and wouldn’t go any higher though it wasn’t losing any air. I informed the seller and they replaced it. When I asked about collecting the faulty one, they said they were not looking to collect.

I now have two compressors, one working, one needing attention and I have decided that the working compressor is too big and noisy for use in the house (at least my house). So, I have decided to sell both these compressors for £130, before buying one more suited to my needs. The second one could be repaired, if you are able to, or it can be kept for spares. The plastic cover on both these compressors came with slight damage but this is hardly noticeable and not detrimental to use.
Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss details.



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