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Good evening.

Peculiar situation with my 66DX35G1I CAT pump.

  • If I hook up my hose to the unit (with my motor off) I do not get water coming out the discharge port (wand).
  • If I disconnect the unloader valve, water will come out (see image #2 below)
  • If I disassemble the unloader valve and "press" the valve open, then reassemble, I can get water to come out of the discharge port (image #3 below) how I'd like it to operate before putting the system under load with the motor running.
I have rebuilt the unit with a new seal kit.

I contacted CAT technical support, and they said it was "unlikely to be an unloader valve issue and is probably due to the EZ Start system." By that, they mean the braided line coming off the unloader valve connector and from the inlet to PR16 pressure switch. Is something wrong with the setup I have? (Image #1).

I'm quite confused why the system won't allow me to generate water out of the discharge port if it's not an unloader valve issue? I've taken it apart and thoroughly cleaned, checked seals, regreased...etc. (image #4).

Thanks very much,







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check the springs and balls locations real close.
something internal is not back in the right place.
or wrong spring in the wrong location internal.
look at the parts blow up super close.

you should get weep water when it is not running when the trigger is pulled or the wand is removed.
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