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Just purchased a generator for a one time off-grid yurt project in the mountains requiring the use of a DeWalt 12" sliding miter saw, 15 amp. That's my biggest power tool I'll be using on this project....and since I'm mostly solo, there will be no other tools running at the same time as the miter saw. One tool at a time.

Given that I only needed a generator for this one job, and I'm on a tight budget, I didn't buy an expensive one: DuroStar DS4000S, 7HP...4000 peak watts, 3,300 rated watts. Got good reviews. Paid $300.

I've never used a generator before. Know nothing more than a couple articles I read on sizing. Figured this DuroStar would be overkill.

At 15 amp, 120V, my miter saw would need 1800 watts. Runs my smaller tools great. Even runs my 15 amp circular saw as if it were plugged in to my shop outlet. HOWEVER, when I run my miter saw, it seems to take longer for it to build up its RPMs. It just doesn't seem quite the same as when plugged in to my shop outlet. (haven't tried cutting lumber yet)

Is this normal? Am I going to mess up my miter saw?
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