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  1. Weedeater Forum
    Hello! So my Garden weed eater recently started running quite rough. After some time of running rough it completely stopped running. I've diagnosed it and I've found out that it wasn't getting any fuel. When I primed the carburetor I saw fuel coming to the priming bulb, but I'm quite sure that...
  2. Weedeater Forum
    Echo stopped and would not start. No visible spark. Found one coil screw missing and coil had been rubbing. Coil laminations were damaged. Replaced coil. Now have spark but no fire at all even with starting fluid. Suggestions appreciatede.
  3. Weedeater Forum
    Hey everyone. I am hoping to get some help. I have a craftsman 25cc gas trimmer and it will not stay on. I have replaced the carburetor and still no luck please advise of what I should do next. thank you for reading my messaGe.
1-3 of 3 Results