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  1. Generator Forum
    I have a WestinghouseWGEN7500 generator that is Neutral Bonded. I have a house transfer switch for refrigerator, microwave, sewer sump, and lights in family room. However, there are sump pumps that I also need to run in winter to prevent flooding in the driveway. This breaker is located in a...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hello, I've google alot lately to find a proper solution to have something semi automatic to power the house during electricity outage. I have a 7500W generator with 240v and I'm looking for a proper transfer switch to connect a couple of circuit in the house. Was looking into APC UTS10BI to...
  3. Generator Forum
    We have an off-grid cabin. Currently we have a Champion 7500 watt dual fuel generator powered with propane that is connected by a 120/240v cord directly into the cabin's electrical circuit panel. The high wattage and 240v service is needed to power a submersible water pump out in the lake that...
  4. Generator Forum
    Question on the automatic transfer switch/standby generator setup by Generac. Can I bypass all the "automatic" wires in the generator/transfer switch and just manually start and throw the transfer switch when I want to power the home? Thanks, Clay
  5. Generator Forum
    Hey group! I am a question about setting up a redundant system. On my house I have a Generac standby generator that had a circuit board go out during our outage in hurricane Laura. Not a huge deal, but the generator went down when we needed it most. My question is this to the group: Does...
1-5 of 5 Results