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  1. Equipment Repairs and Maintenance Forum
    All the utility pumps say that they're for water. I want to change the fluid in my Rotary lift. Can't I use one of those portable electric pumps to pump out the old fluid and pump in new fluid? Should I flush out the pump with detergent afterwards?
  2. Power Equipment For Sale
    Portable ITT Marlow brand water pump. Gas powered with manual start. Wisconsin VH4D Engine that is 30 HP at 2800 RPM. Likely pumps a good volume around 400+ GPM I would guess. Appears to have a 3-4 inch suction. The pump hasn’t been run in years but seems to be in good condition. Want to say it...
  3. Water Pump Forum
    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I inherited this piece of equipment recently and was not sure exactly what it is. It appears to be a water pump from the labels. Could anyone tell me more about this? It hasn't been used in a while obviously. What is something like this worth if I'm looking to get...
  4. Pressure Washer Forum
    I have a TroyBilt PW that my son parked his truck on the supply hose and then tried to wash his truck. Of course the pump burned up. I have not taken it apart because I am in the middle of getting my house ready to list and don't have time for that now. I found out while shopping for a...
1-4 of 4 Results