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  1. Generator Forum
    We purchased the Firman Tri fuel hybrid T07571 power generator at Costco Online. It runs OK using gasoline. But does not run on propane. We purchase two new AmeriGas 20 lb full tanks at HomeDepot. We use the Firman hose with regulator with meter connecting to the tanks. Before we hit the...
  2. Generator Forum
    In the photo below you'll see two regulators coming off the propane tank which supplies fuel to my Champion generator. I've been told, if I want to hook up the generator to a large 1,000 gallon tank, then I need to remove the smaller regulator and then get the various needed brass fittings...
  3. Generator Forum
    While perusing Brighteon recently, I came across this (Propane conversion honda 2000i) video that I thought might be of interest to some here. Fwiw; ymmv.
  4. Generator Forum
    I want a generator for my whole house and I don't require much electricity. Champion finally released something I could use - their model 100519. It's a 6250W and the smallest one they make with 120/240V as well as being an Inverter! My plan is to add a natural gas valve to the outside of my...
1-5 of 5 Results