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  1. Generator Forum
    Starting this thread to stop the hi-jacking of Impsr's Using Dual Fuel Generator on Natural Gas post and to make this post easier to find for anyone that might want to do the same thing I'm doing. After a couple of power outages lately, with one lasting for 24 hours, I decided to get off my...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hello all, I have a 3500 with 300 hours on it. One year old. I had to unplug the low oil sensor last year to get it to stay running. Yesterday I noticed the display was backlit after sitting for a couple weeks. To make sure the battery was not drained I attempted to start it. It would fire...
  3. Generator Forum
    My Predator 3500 watt generator got damaged in an accident. Where can I find some structure replacement parts? I searched Harbor Freight site, but it look like they only offer a few replacement parts. I need structural parts.
  4. Generator Forum
    I've not posted lots on PEF but have greatly benefited from the knowledge shared here. Great forums. On to my issue...I've have a HF Predator 3500 whose display won't show anything but hours. Somebody else posted with this issue, but I don't see they ever figured out a solution. I pulled the...
1-4 of 4 Results