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  1. Generator Forum
    I have an existing 50 amp Briggs and Stratton transfer switch wired to a non working 7 k generator. The generator and transfer switch are 22 years old. I am not able to afford a whole new set up. Was wondering if I can wire in a 50 amp plug where the generator is and use a 7 k portable...
  2. Vendor Deals
    ⚡Here it comes, a generator with a multifunction power supply! There're two options to operate the generator--- gasoline or LPG.💪 👉Starting System: Recoil Start/Electric Start 👉Operating power: 3200W (gas) / 2800W (LPG). Click the link below to grab more! https://urlzs.com/9jbsr
  3. Generator Forum
    Hey, I'm an Industrial Designer in Michigan and I want to help tie the disconnect between home generator users and generator manufacturers to ensure future generators address the issues current ones don't. I have a couple questions to help me better understand people's experiences with their...
1-3 of 3 Results