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  1. Generator Forum
    I have an Onan RS-20000 GGDB natural gas generator that I just replaced the magnetic pickup unit and the Woodward TQ-125 speed controller with one of their L-Series speed controllers. The unit fires up and seems to run an operate correctly but I was curious if the "jitter" in the actuator...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hello everyone I have a onan 4.5 genset I just picked up I know nothing about these ones. model is 4.5 bdgfb Serial is. B920447193 spec is 30502d so I have a few questions 1 how do I date this genset ? 2 there was no battery cables hooked up for the starter and I have no clue where to...
  3. Generator Forum
    I recently changed the spark plug and fuel filter of my Onan HGJBB generator according to the maintenance schedule. I've had the process demonstrated for me before, but this was the first time I did it on my own. Prior to replacing the parts the generator started and ran normally. After...
  4. Generator Forum
    I recently bought a living quarters horse trailer with an on board Onan Generator. The generator will run for 20mins then will just die and will only restart and run for a few seconds. It has gas and oil.
1-4 of 4 Results