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  1. Generator Forum
    I just bought a brand new XP13000HXT generator from Duromax. It is easily able to start up on gasoline or propane, but will not start using natural gas. I’ve already checked the gas line pressure and the ability to support the 225,000 BTUs for this generator, and I’m using the correctly sized...
  2. Generator Forum
    I was just reading another thread that mentioned a sediment trap and was thinking how I don't have one either at the meter or the end of my ng hose going to the generator. I've got a westinghouse wgen12000df which has it's regulator mounted down low so it doesn't really leave much room to put a...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hello all, I know this has been a popular topic of late but I hoping to get some advice from you pros out there. After the winter storm in Feb, 2021 in Texas I bought a portable generator and added a generator inlet box to my house to power it if the power went out again. I bought a...
1-3 of 3 Results