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  1. Generator Forum
    Hi, I've got a Honda EU2000i that I've had for probably ten years at this point. About 300 hours on it, according to the blinks. From early on, I've had the "surging at idle" problem, where when "Eco Throttle" is on and there's no load, the thing struggles a lot (but doesn't die, although I...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hello all, This is my first post here so I figured I would dive right in. I picked up an older Honda EB3000c cycloconverter generator with the GX200 engine. From what I understand, these are robust generators but this one has no spark. I bought it thinking it would just need an ignition coil...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hey guys, new to the site. I recently did a tree job and they home owner sent me this picture after the fact and told me I could take this generator, supposedly its older and had lots of use but still works (just needs a pull cord). My question is why can I not find anything on this particular...
1-3 of 3 Results