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  1. Generator Forum
    I have a Honda EX1000 generator that I just "rebuilt" after over a decade of sitting unused. I de-rusted the gas tank (with Metal Magic), new petcock with filter, new carburetor and spark plug (the plug that came out was an NGK BR4HS and because they did not have an NGK plug I replaced it with...
  2. Generator Forum
    I've got an early EX1000, ~1986. Just rebuilt the carburetor, complete clean up after sitting (w/ gas for some 20 years) and wouldn't start - caramelized gas in main jet, passages. I'm sure that some of the adjustment screws moved in the process of the rebuilt and cleaning, it started on the...
  3. Generator Forum
    I just got my 1987 (first ver) EX1000 back from by sons house where it's sat (with sour gas in it) for the last 22 years unused. Yeah, dumb. Shame because it looks literally new and of course it wouldn't start. Before I "loaned it" to him it maybe had 25hrs run time on it, he used it barely 5...
1-3 of 3 Results