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  1. Generator Forum
    Hi, I have a 2021 Honda EU70is (fuel injected) with 520hrs on it that runs great for 3 - 4hrs then stops running and wont start again. If I leave it for 30mins or so it will start up again. I think it is temperature related but I'm not sure. I live in Northern Australia (90f and high humidity)...
  2. Generator Forum
    Has anyone successfully got 45.8 amps out of the EU7000IS modelgenerator. And How?
  3. Generator Forum
    I have a Honda EU7000IS with 300 hours, and I have a problem with it. when the gen has the Eco Throttle in ON position the engine starts fluctuating, but when the Eco Throttle is on the OFF position the generator starts working normally. the screen pops up the code P100. Does someone know what's...
  4. Generator Forum
    Just joined the forum. I can already tell I’ll like being here. Just took delivery of my new Honda eu7000is and am anxious to get it ready for hurricane season. I hope to use it to run my Mitsubishi 3 ton mini split AC (it’s a soft start) and the fridge with a few outlets if possible. I’m using...
  5. Generator Forum
    I have a EU7000is installed on my foodtruck inside an enclosure made from stainless steel diamond with a lid. And it has been working well for 1st year. Recently I started noticing I was losing fuel from the tank through the cap. 1. When I parked the trailer for a month with full tank during...
  6. Generator Forum
    Troubleshooting a no spark on my EU7000is Honda generator. The secondary ignition coil reads high at 16K ohms, so I purchased a new one and low and behold it reads the same. Put it on and no spark. Manual states secondary coil should ohm between 5.6-6.9 K ohms. Is that range correct, did I...
1-7 of 7 Results