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  1. Generator Forum
    I’m moving to a rural area next month and want to be prepared for winter power outages due to snow and ice. Last winter an ice storm knocked the power out for several days in metro Portland, OR, with outages lasting 10+ days in rural surrounding communities, one of which I am moving to. I asked...
  2. Generator Forum
    New to this generator talk so take it easy on me. :) I am looking to purchase a generator for backup power for my house. I live in the country, so sometimes it takes a few days to regain power after a hurricane. I do not have natural gas available. I would like to run my A/C (4 ton, I believe...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hi All, after surviving the great Texas snow storm and looking ahead to hurricane season, we are looking to get a portable generator and have the house wired with a generator plug-in so we can run things from the panel during an outage. At a minimum we'd like to run some lights, 2 fridges...
1-3 of 3 Results