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  1. Generator Forum
    I have a WestinghouseWGEN7500 generator that is Neutral Bonded. I have a house transfer switch for refrigerator, microwave, sewer sump, and lights in family room. However, there are sump pumps that I also need to run in winter to prevent flooding in the driveway. This breaker is located in a...
  2. Generator Forum
    I just got a Reliance ProTran transfer switch installed at my house, and after figuring out I had to select 120/240v output to power both sides of the transfer box, now I have a slight problem. Everything works right except the circuit on the "F" connector. That circuit has a GFCI breaker on the...
  3. Generator Forum
    Can I replace the 20A GFCI outlet on my portable generator with any 20A outdoor rated GFCI outlet I can find at a box store or do I need one specially "certified" for generator use? The same generac receptacle that I am replacing costs roughly $80, which seems like a lot since I can get an...
1-3 of 3 Results