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  1. Generator Forum
    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and joined because I have a problem with my diesel Kohler Generator 9EFOZD 9kva on the boat. It has been starting and running normal for the last 2 months (except for occasional depleted start battery in the beginning but that has been staying charged when I keep...
  2. Generator Forum
    I wondered if anyone could share their thoughts on the rating of a changeover switch. I recently needed to replace the (110V to 240V) changeover switch on my 8.5kVA Generator and was surprised to find it rated at 25A @ 250VAC, since the full output on the 240V side is 32A. Firstly, this does...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hi there, Kindly assist. I want to install this controller so that I can start and stop the Gen from a Solar input dry contact onto one of the configurable inputs. I don't know where to connect the MPU inputs mainly, if someone with knowledge could kindly draw me a diagram or indicate where to...
  4. Generator Forum
    I got a new, small generator a few days ago (2500W) and the first 4 hours I used it I had issues but it randomly started to make noises and after googling I realized it seems to be called “surging” at least from the behavior alone. I left it for a few hours and tried to run it again and it kept...
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    Grass, tents, lakeside...... Can't wait to get closer to nature outdoors. Let's go camping! MXR2300 ---- Your ideal electricity helper for outdoor life Running Watts: 1800W Peak Watts: 2300W
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    Introducing our New Product MXR1500 portable inverter generator Your ideal outdoor living power support -Only 11.5kg, lightweight and compact, easy to carry and move around. -Provide up to 1000W of power for a long time and meet your basic needs outdoors. Shop now: https://amzn.to/3IlGRDN
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    Wanna go for a picnic? Check the picture below, we've listed some picnic items for you to prepare! Don't forget to bring our 3500w dual-fuel portable inverter generator, ideal for outdoor living. Shop now: https://amzn.to/3F9cNrator
  8. Generator Forum
    I need the valve clearance for both exhaust and intake valves. I have a Duramax 5500 dual fuel generator. 224 cc
  9. Generator Forum
    I am going to replace a generator and I'm looking for feedback on a thought I have had as to improving my home power backup preparedness. I live in eastern Canada, with very cold winters, no natural gas access, and a home heated by ductless heat pumps and a wood burning fireplace. Currently I...
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    Cold winters are high incidence of power outages, for sure you don't wanna shiver in the dark and cold.If you're searching for a small compact but powerful generator for emergencies, check out this MXR2300. -Inverter technology supports sensitive appliances. -Light and portable enough. -Long...
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    MXR3500 provides a quiet relaxing environment without disturbances! -Low Noise: at a distance of 7m, the noise level of ECO mode is 58 decibels. Shop at the link below Germany/Austria: https://amzn.to/3rDMJAE France...
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    GIVEAWAY To bring you better user experience, we sincerely invite you to fill out the questionnaire on generator. Take only one minute for a chance to win a free inverter generator! How to enter: One minute to fill out the questionnaire...
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    The testing begins! Can't wait to see its power performance! MXR6250IE generator ---- Meet your larger power appliances basically! Rated power: 5000W Maximum power: 5500W Shop at the link: http://bit.ly/3WUHL0N
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    Multi-Functional Digital Display: Just one operation panel to take care of everything! Monitor power supply voltage and frequency easily. Remaining fuel display for prompt fuel change. Accumulated running time display for subsequent maintenance. One-time operation duration display with perfect...
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    We have prepared Generator Manufacturer Guide for you guys. Please be careful when you use your generator! MXR5500 ---- Running Watts: 5000W , Peak Watts: 5500W Hope this reliable backup power helper can bring you useful and safe experience. Learn more about MXR5500 UK: https://amzn.to/3rP6jtw...
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    Don't miss this 120V dual fuel generator - an ideal investment for your family. Fulfill the basic needs of a small-sized home. Support dual fuel: GAS and LPG. Output pure sine wave and is safe enough for sensitive electronics. Shop at the link: https://amzn.to/3F9cNtD
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    We have prepared everything you want to know about MXR4500i generator after-sales support and warranty. Maxpeedingrods warrants all the Inverter generators against defects in workmanship under normal use for 2 years from the date of retail purchase by the original end-user purchaser ("Warranty...
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    Are you worried about the power problem for outdoor camping? Watch this video and tell us if your problem is solved. Big thanks to Nate Petroski for sharing his video with us. Go to his channel to see more!
  19. Vendor Deals
    Gas Powered 5500-Watt Portable Quiet Operation Inverter Generator for Home Use Backup Power and Jobsites Woodwork Running Watts: 5000W Peak Watts: 5500W Inverter Technology: Pure Sine Wave Volume Level: 62dBA at 25% Load Hit the link to shop: https://amzn.to/3CjP20k
  20. Generator Forum
    Gas went bad, attracted water, rusted out tank, white vinegared the tank for 3 days, looks way better and usable. installed inlline fuel filter, wire mesh style, to catch any particulate or rust residue(but tank is mostly clean). Carb/choke cleaner the float bowl and inlet/jets(cleaner flows...
1-20 of 83 Results