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  1. Honda GX390 - Can somebody please help

    Generator Forum
    I was just recently looking online for a generator. I came across one on Facebook, so I messaged them and they sent me this picture. Can somebody help me identify the specific model because I can't find it online.
  2. Parallel Windings

    Generator Forum
    Technical question here. Just picked up a Homelite EH4000HDC. 3600 running watts. The unit has a 240v plug, and two standard 120v plugs. Two hot windings, each feeding one of the 120v plugs (for 15A each) and each feeding one side of the 240V plug (for a total of 15A). Would it be possible, to...
  3. Reputable Parts retailer for UST GG7500N CARB muffler

    Generator Forum
    Hi All, I'm looking for a good parts retailer for the replacement of the CARB Muffler on my GG7500N , has anyone contacted UST before directly to order replacement parts? https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1043375/Ust-Gg7500n-Series.html?page=25#manual
  4. Is it advisable to extend the portable generator's exhaust?

    Generator Forum
    Hi guys! I need your advise and help. I have purchased a metal flexi pipe from a local store and attached that with my generator's existing exhaust muffler. I have installed my generator in my empty and abondand store room and also using a exhaust fan for air circulation. The length of the...
  5. 240 volts from paralleled inverter generators?

    Generator Forum
    Hi, I'm here for help solving the problem of suppling a 240v, 45amp kiln off the grid. The catch is, we can't just use a large portable generator. So, can you put three or more inverter generators in parallel? can you get 240 volts out of paralleled 120volt inverter generators? Is there...
  6. Honda Eb 1400x generator

    Generator Forum
    Hey guys, new to the site. I recently did a tree job and they home owner sent me this picture after the fact and told me I could take this generator, supposedly its older and had lots of use but still works (just needs a pull cord). My question is why can I not find anything on this particular...
  7. Champion generator 100111

    Generator Forum
    Hello i have a 100111 Champion model and ive been looking for an air filter and fuel filter for this thing and cannot find them. In the operators manual it provides part number 100275 (air filter) and 122.070300.03 (fuel filter). Engine model is an milwuakee series ohv commercial v-twin 23.0 HP...
  8. Briggs 190000 Service Manual?

    Generator Forum
    Briggs 190000 horizontal-shaft 8hp, in a Coleman Powermate 4kw gen. Does anyone have a service manual PDF or procedure for factory settings on governor linkage, brackets, carb, etc? Customer brought the unit in pieces and would like to set everything back to factory if possible. Model: 197412...