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    Hello all, I just made a account to ask this question. About half a year ago I was at a junk yard looking for parts for my truck. I found a white 1963 Dodge D100 pickup that was parked and crushed by a tree, so I started taking parts from it. In the bed of the truck sat a few big steal boxes...
  2. Generator Forum
    Good Evening, I run a mobile pet grooming company. On the front of our grooming trailer we were running a Predator Generator that sat in an aluminum enclosure. Unfortunately it finally died on me in the middle of the day. I had a full calendar, so i had to go grab what was available, a 10K...
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    Question on the automatic transfer switch/standby generator setup by Generac. Can I bypass all the "automatic" wires in the generator/transfer switch and just manually start and throw the transfer switch when I want to power the home? Thanks, Clay
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    Hey group! I am a question about setting up a redundant system. On my house I have a Generac standby generator that had a circuit board go out during our outage in hurricane Laura. Not a huge deal, but the generator went down when we needed it most. My question is this to the group: Does...
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    I'm in SE Texas and hurricane Laura is the first major storm since I had a Generac G0070432 (22KW/999 GUARD+200A SE T/SW AL) standby generator installed. I'm also new to hurricanes in general, so I had a couple of questions before it hits tomorrow night. Is it OK for the generator to run...
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    hey made a huge mistake and jumpstarted the generator wrong. i jumpstarted the electric starter backwards. after i pressed the starter button smoke came out of the electric motor at the end of the generator. after that it doesnt produce power. i reset all circuit breakers. i took the cover off...
1-6 of 6 Results