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  1. Generator Forum
    Hi all, just got an old generator out of storage and have attempted to get it running. Engine starts on a spray of starter fluid, but the carburetor is not getting fuel into the bowl. I've cleaned all the floats and I don't see why it cant get through. If anyone could provide any possible ideas...
  2. Generator Forum
    The electric key start for my Firman Generator eco series stopped working I had to use the recoil starter. Any idea what could be wrong? It's a new gen barely a week
  3. Generator Forum
    Hello: Never had a generator before. Bought this so that my 2 fridges and freezer full of food would be safe in power outages. Plan to run it on NG. Couple questions please: Can't seem to find any Generator extension cords that are 20 - 30 amp at 100 feet. Can I just use the one that came with...
  4. Generator Forum
    We purchased the Firman Tri fuel hybrid T07571 power generator at Costco Online. It runs OK using gasoline. But does not run on propane. We purchase two new AmeriGas 20 lb full tanks at HomeDepot. We use the Firman hose with regulator with meter connecting to the tanks. Before we hit the...
1-4 of 4 Results