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  1. Generator Forum
    Anyone experience issues with the LCD panel not displaying Hours, Volts and Frequency? Picked one up at Lowes two weeks ago. Got it home and the "multimeter" control center didn't work. Called DuroMax support and created a case. They recommended returning it (Lowes offers 30 day returns)...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Happy to meet you all. I've been looking at the 9000W inverter generators, and they are a pretty neat concept. Cheaper and more powerful than the Honda, and though they're newish so info is relatively scarce, the reviews have been good. They're all made in the same...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hello all, I know this has been a popular topic of late but I hoping to get some advice from you pros out there. After the winter storm in Feb, 2021 in Texas I bought a portable generator and added a generator inlet box to my house to power it if the power went out again. I bought a...
1-3 of 3 Results