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  1. Generator Forum
    Hello all, I just bought a (gasoline only) Wgen9500c. I have a Nash propane/nat gas conversion kit too that I will be installing but I'm missing the spacer/propane inlet adapter. I have everything to begin the modification to the fuel system except that. Nash has been great but I really don't...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hi all, just got an old generator out of storage and have attempted to get it running. Engine starts on a spray of starter fluid, but the carburetor is not getting fuel into the bowl. I've cleaned all the floats and I don't see why it cant get through. If anyone could provide any possible ideas...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hello everyone! I'm working on a champion generator model 100496 for a neighbor. He bought it in April 2020 and only ran it every couple months to keep the gas in the carburetor bowl from going bad. He says he used non-ethanol the whole time too. This April, he went to start it like normal, and...
1-3 of 3 Results