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  1. Generator Forum
    Just started happening, my 14 year old Briggs and Stratton 12KW standby is putting out 90 vac on both sides of the breaker. Had to go back to my 50 year old Briggs portable during this nasty storm for my heat and water. It's too cold to troubleshoot now, but I believe it may be capacitor...
  2. Generator Forum
    Hi all, I have a generic 7.5kva diesel generator. This thing stopped putting out voltage, now my question. It has a 20uf 250v half moon style capacitor that seems to be the culprit. All the AVR unit I have been looking at have 4 or more connections. Can I use one of these 4 pin units to...
  3. Generator Forum
    I have a 12kw Gillette Sentry Pro with just over 200 hours on it. When connected to the capacitor it will not rev up and acts as if it has a max load on it. If I disconnect the capacitor it will run fine but shuts down after a few moments. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
1-3 of 3 Results