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  1. Generator Forum
    Hello, I'm trying to diagnose a no-power issue on my B&S Pro6500 generator. Does anyone have a copy of the service manual for it, Model 01933 Rev 0. The machine runs quite well but it is not producing any power at the outlets. The main GFI breaker won't reset, but this could be due to a few...
  2. Generator Forum
    Just started happening, my 14 year old Briggs and Stratton 12KW standby is putting out 90 vac on both sides of the breaker. Had to go back to my 50 year old Briggs portable during this nasty storm for my heat and water. It's too cold to troubleshoot now, but I believe it may be capacitor...
  3. Generator Forum
    I have an existing 50 amp Briggs and Stratton transfer switch wired to a non working 7 k generator. The generator and transfer switch are 22 years old. I am not able to afford a whole new set up. Was wondering if I can wire in a 50 amp plug where the generator is and use a 7 k portable...
  4. Generator Forum
    Hi all I'm new to the forum. I recently got a bargain generator; It has a briggs I/C 8Hp engine. I'm not sure what the generator head model is. (see the pics - anybody know) Assuming 90 - 95% efficiency and given that 8hp = 6KW, maybe 4.5KW output ?? Our mains supply here is 220V. The output...
  5. Generator Forum
    Can anyone tell me what this is? One line comes from fuel tank, the other line goes to the carburetor and another goes towards the rear of the flywheel. It was leaking fuel very badly so I crudely put it back together with gasket maker but I'm waiting for it to clog up the carb
1-5 of 5 Results