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  1. Ingersoll Rand MH22 Screw Compressor

    Air Compressor Forum
    Good day, wonder if anyone can assist. I'm currently busy with a screw compressor as mentioned above. I replaced the drive belt as the previous one snapped. The original belt is a 1480PK12 but this is only locally available through the agents who wants to charge way to much for the item. I...
  2. Air Compressor / Generator

    Air Compressor Forum
    Hello Everyone, I'm in the market to get a decent sized compressor to run air tools. Due to the nature of my living circumstances (moving multiple times, current landlord not okay with me rewiring to 220v, etc...), I am unable to get a 220V outlet setup at my house. Is it at all possible (and...
  3. Air compressor hose fittings help needed

    Air Compressor Forum
    Hello! Fairly new to all things air compressors and airline fittings, and I need to replace a fitting on a machine I have (it’s a rug tufting tool) to be able to attach it up to my air filter and hose. The attachment it came with is too wide to fit a standard 1/4 inch female quick release which...