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  1. Generator Forum
    I have an existing 50 amp Briggs and Stratton transfer switch wired to a non working 7 k generator. The generator and transfer switch are 22 years old. I am not able to afford a whole new set up. Was wondering if I can wire in a 50 amp plug where the generator is and use a 7 k portable...
  2. Generator Forum
    I recently melted my gen cord by accident - had it a little too close to the exhaust :sneaky:. Rather than buy a new cord I am going to cut off the melted part and put a replacment male plug on the end. The cord currently has a male plug with LED lights on to show that you have power which...
  3. Generator Forum
    Hey group! I am a question about setting up a redundant system. On my house I have a Generac standby generator that had a circuit board go out during our outage in hurricane Laura. Not a huge deal, but the generator went down when we needed it most. My question is this to the group: Does...
1-3 of 3 Results