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It's always nice to have options available, so...

I've been keeping a lookout for another reasonably priced 2000+ inverter gen to add to my stable for a few months now. Said inverter needs to meet my simple criteria in that it requires plenty of good reviews, cost under $500 and be parallel ready. I really wanted to go with another Champion product but even on sale (up here anyway), sadly the price recently is above my $500 limit.

Enter the Radley 2500. I've no idea why they call it a 2500 as I'm sure it produces the usual range of 2000 - 2200 peak with a 1700/1800 running watts. I've been eyeing this little guy up online and in the the hardware store for a short while, and, well it finally went on sale last week so I went and picked one up. Altho I'm not big on the lime green color...still a good deal in my book.

For all intents and purposes, I'm about positive the unit is a rebadged Wen 562301i. Definitely a clone from overseas which I suspect is a Yamaha with the MZ80 79cc at a third of the price. In todays world I'm fine with that, I like Yamaha products.
Since the Radley unit is pretty new to our market, going by the exceptional reviews of the Wen really helped me decide on this purchase.

When time allowed I've been running it and breaking it in for a few days this past week, 5 hours and 2 oil changes so far. Starts easy, runs like a top! I've yet to pull the recoil twice to start it. It's handled all I've put to it in my garage without overloading it.
Light weight at just under 40lbs, excellent on fuel for being new and super quiet. I measured 52db at 20 feet with ECO on, 61 with ECO off.
Unlike my B & S which has a fuel pump, the Radley is gravity fed which I actually prefer.
Not that it concerns me a whole lot, but (according to Wen) on paper the claimed THD is 1.2 percent at full load.
Home Hardware also states a 3 year warranty. Good stuff!

As you can see, the panel has all the usual receptacles.

12v DC charging test, 1st pic is on ECO mode, 2nd is with ECO off.

I have also tested/run it with the 120v to L14-30 adapter cord I was recently gifted. Great for fridge/freezer/well pump for those known short outages.
Please note...In no situation will it or I be attempting to use this adapter for 240v. Strictly 120v usage.

I recently ordered up/received (what Amazon calls) a parallel cord with an L14-30 plug. In reality it is not a true parallel cord but a combiner cord.
I still look forward to pairing it up with my B & S 2200 and testing in the very near future for 120v use.

Thanks go out to forum member (Mbrake) for suggesting this fantastic time saving idea!

Quick, easy and simple...Installing a rubber grommet plug to allow fast access to the carb bowl drain screw. No more needing to remove the 4 screws on the side cover to do a simple carb drain after use.
On this Radley, because the drain screw is straight in design, only one plug is needed. The plug size I used is for a 7/8" dia hole. After measuring and marking the drain screw's exact position relavent to the cover, I used a 7/8" spade bit to drill followed by a quick de-burring and installed the plug.
One of the easiest mods you'll perform, I rate it a 10 (y)

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