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To start off, a big shout out to Grenergy ((y)) for initiating/inciting me to do this simple and basic LED modification to these two 12v electric start gens. I dont know if he came up with it, but I find it to be an excellent and fantastic idea. Kudos! I couldnt help but create something similiar to what his kit offers.
Without question my results dont come near close to looking 'factory' installed as the kit(s) supplied by Grenergy...But I'm OK with that, I've always been more about function than looks first and foremost.

To begin, I spent many hours searching my shop, boxes and storage areas for some 12 volt 6 inch LED strips that I'm about positive I still have. Altho it's been a few years, I've used these in the past for under hood lighting in trucks as well as in boat storage areas.
Turns out they are well hid...

Example from my old Dodge plow truck...

I did mention function over looks, yes?

So, in not finding the LED strips and wanting to use what I already have on hand, I went with some clear 3/4" rounds. I use these often (orange & red) with trailer builds, upgrades and have had great success with them to date. I like using the clear models for a little extra back up lighting on truck bumpers and ATV's.
One additional upgrade I do with them is to add a smidge of silicone on the wire side pocket to help keep the elements out.

I drilled (3/4") and mounted each to a small section of 1" aluminum angle, insert the lights rubber flange followed by the light itself. I also added a small piece of rubber (from an inner tube) to go between the aluminum angle and the gen mount location. I did so to help soak up vibration but mainly to keep the lights mount from rotating due to any incurred vibration. I cant recall which, but small 1/2" or 3/4" #8 self-tappers hold them in place, (probably the 1/2").

I have a whack of 2 strand trailer wire on hand so thats what I used to splice to the LED's wires. These lights have such low draw that even decent speaker wire would suffice IMO. Soldered each splice followed with heat shrink then some 1/4" and 3/8" wire loom.

I loosened/removed the bolts of the front panels to increase the gap and allow for an easier feed of the wires in behind. Nothing is pinched when re-mounting those panels, the extra protection of the wire loom will also help prevent a short. (So if you do this mod, keep a good eye here when routing the wire).

The ground wire for each generator received a small terminal to connect to the batteries engine ground. I went here as it's a shorter run and less conspicuous to view.
The (yellow) positive LED lead on both gens were stripped back (1") and went to the engine side of the breakers I had previously installed.
Example below...

Daylight pic...(remember now...I did say it doesnt look factory)

Flip closed the battery breaker to on and...

I have full confidence that this little trick is going to prove itself time and time again to be a 'well worth' mod for myself. I'd venture a guess in that 7 or 8 out of 10 times our hydro goes out its after dark. Especially so this time of year when the days are so short.
I have absolutely no worries that these lights will not over-draw from the batteries reserve. Both of these units have excellent self charging ability.
(Just to note, neither gen was running at the time the photo's were taken)
If one was inclined and wanted the ability to shut them off while the gen was running, a simple SPST toggle switch could be installed anywhere along the LED's positive lead between the battery breaker hook up and lights.
Plenty of light is now provided for doing the hook-up routine and I'm very happy with the results. I'm all for anything to help free the hands while making life that much easier :)

Edit to add...
I finally remembered to add a pic of two recent night lights I made up for my non-battery inverter gens.
Very straight forward concept, using the inverters 12 vdc outlet they're simply a plug and play light clamped to one the carrying handles in a position of your choosing.
Materials are the same LED's as on the above units, a 10" piece of aluminum flat bar, small 1" x 1" piece of angle aluminum per 3/4" light, a 12v fused lighter plug and a typical overseas spring loaded clamp.
As you can tell, these do not look like a factory item either. But that's OK in my book. As usual I'm more concerned with functionality. Speaking of which, these will not only be an aid with initial cord set-ups but also with refueling, hence the taller position of the light.
No installed and in-use pics as yet, we're due for an outage and I will take some pics when that time comes.

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