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Electric Log Splitter
6 Ton w/Foot Activation
Approx 200
Since I've previously made mention of the little 6 ton electric I've been using and getting by with for going on 5 years now, I wanted to post up my experience with it to anyone who may be interested or leaning towards an electric model.

At the time of purchase I really didnt have a need for another large gas operated splitter as our family had access to and used during my younger years. Hence trying out an electric.
While I was researching, there were a few different models available at my local CT store, (4, 5, 6 and 9 ton). The 6 ton jumped out at me due to it being completely hands-free and foot operated, couldnt be easier. With it being on sale for 50% off at the time didnt hurt either, that proved to be enough incentive.

Pic here is a store shot...

After using it the first season (2018) I had full intention of making a stand for it. To those unfamiliar, these little electrics sit low to the ground...meaning hard on the old back after a full day. Speaking for myself, that gets old very quickly...
Walking thru the local CT one day I noticed a splitter stand on the floor. I had no idea they were available, with it being at a $20 or $30 price point I just couldnt say no. Even back then I would have had a hard time just buying the material for that price, let alone the time taken to fabricate one!
It may not look it (and I didnt think so either at the time) but it is surprisingly stable once all tightened up. I had planned on strengthening and widening it when the situation warranted, but in all honesty I havent found the need. The splitter requires a level work area anyway and the stand doesnt make it 'tippy' at all in my experience.
I'm aproximating the overall weight to be roughly 125lbs. It can still be wheeled around with ease.

Now with the splitter now being waist height, I did have to modify/fab the short cabled foot controller a wee bit to accomodate. No biggie, I picked up a cheap clutch cable (for a mini bike, but most any type would do IMO). However, I was off on my measurement a tad, I was planning on using the new cable right from the splitter to the foot throttle. I was off by about 12"...I've been using the splitter as you see it for 4 full years now, the large loop hasnt/doesnt bother me at all, if it did I could easily take the time and shorten it to accomodate. As per usual, I'm more concerned with functionality then looks...
(Notice that you can see I also attached the foot control to a stepped/sloped piece of plywood, plenty stable and works great).

Anyway, I quickly made up an adapter to join the two cables for functionality. Doing so also allows for plenty of cable stretch adjustment in 3 locations.
It's fastened simply to the frame leg with 2 zip-ties. One could easily drill and throw 2 metal screws or bolts in place instead of the ties. I'm fine with it as is.

Log length capacity for it is 20", the steel 4 x 4 spacer you see below is simply an aid in narrowing the gap between a log and the ram which really knocks the time off a full cycle. Makes the splitting time much quicker. I started out using 4 x 4 and 6 x 6 wood post cutoffs but I found they just dont/wont hold up for the long term. (Meaning they will soon crumble & crush). There's no worry of distoration with the steel model, the length I made to fall 3/8" shy of the wedge with the ram at full extension.

The splitters motor is 15 amp 1.75 HP, I havent tried using it with my paired 2200's but my 6250 Benchmark generator barely grunts upon starting when I've used the two together.
It also comes with a blade wedge that can put on the ram side, but I didnt install, I dont think I've even opened the box holding it as it kinda seems like a gimmick item. (My thoughts anyway).

I service it with an oil change (hydraulic) every 2 years, matter of fact I did so yesterday, it dont hold much. This time of year I keep it in my basement and continue to use it frequently. Visitors are generally surprised and often impressed with it. It's one of those items I'll not be getting rid of anytime soon.

Times change and I really had no choice but to upgrade to a larger gas operated workhorse. Try not to diss these little guys too much. In my opinion and experience it's been a solid and strong performer for myself, albeit having a much slower cycle time when comparing to gas operated. 17/18 seconds vs the 11/12 of a typical 25 ton gas operated model on the market today.


Now that I'll be regulating the larger 15"+ diameter logs away from this 6 ton to the 25 ton I gave the little electric another slight mod yesterday, a small version log catcher. Reason I never did so before was I figured it best (for splitter life) to simply allow the larger split sections to simply fall to the ground. Due to structure strength, I'm pretty sure the splitters side support would be wounded and bend with a catcher in place. I didnt want to take that chance. Until now...

Now with large logs no longer being an issue, I marked a 14" piece of 1 1/4" x 1/8" angle to be mounted to the underside of the far side splitter log support channel.
Removed the support and welded the angle to the support. Re-installed the now welded and lengthened channel support, I marked out my 3 locations to drill 1/4" holes then removed assembly for drill press duty. Installed it again with the addition of a dab of blue loctite on the 5mm allen bolts. (Unfortunately no pics at this point).
I have some 1/8" aluminum plate I keep on hand for marine mods that will be perfect for catcher use. I cut a section 6" x 16".
I extended the alum plate to 1" beyond the wedge end of the angle iron. Clamping the aluminum plate in place I drilled and installed three 1/4-20 button head bolts, nuts and lock washers (along with a dab of blue). 1/2 or 3/4" bolts would have been sufficient but 1" is all I have on hand.

The snow background makes for poor pics...Perhaps in the Spring I'll take a few more.
I used it last night on some oak chunks that were not quite seasoned and I can tell you it works slick! In the back of my mind I knew it would. ;)
I also had full intention of adding/welding another support (piece of 1/2" re-bar) to run from the angle iron piece down to the handle. Putting/leaning my weight on the catcher itself, there was little to no flex. As you can see, I didnt add the support.
But...Who knows what the future may bring. I have the extra support (re-bar) already cut, fitted and ready to be welded in place should the need ever arise.

Also to note...Even tho it can be easily installed, I have no intention of adding a similiar/smaller catcher on the units driver side. Being a foot operated throttle, my 2 hands have always been free to grab/catch wood on the drivers side.
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