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I made the purchase of this 4650 inverter gen back in Febuary with a close-out sale CT had on this unit. It has a number of features I like/want in a newer generator, specifically no CO detector and no GFCI receptacles. I would have prefered the main receptacle to be a L14-30R but I'm fine with the L5-30R as I already have an AC Works adapter cord, (L5-30P to L14-30R).
I have more than enough adapters so I certainly didnt want/require the TT-30R receptacle that you often find with this size of an inverter gen, however, a L5-30P to TT-30R adapter plug is included should it be needed.
Two main reasons for this purchase was a very low DB along with excellent fuel mileage. Not being one to fall into the 'high THD rabbit hole', yes this unit also boasts less than 3% THD for those who need to know...

Pic of initial un-boxing...

Until yesterday I've only to run it for break-in for roughly 3 hours. Pic is from Febuary...

Pic is a bit blurry, I quite like how all the receptacles and breakers have a flexable rubber covering for keeping the elements out.

I did some RPM checks with my quick-attach tach, one with the ECO on and the next with ECO off.

These RPM readings help explain the listed 14 hour run time on the 212cc engine's 2 gallon fuel tank.
I've done 'some' DB tests but will do more once Springtime really arrives. Anyway as an FYI, so far (with no load) I've registered 48-49 with ECO on and 58-59 with it off.

We had an outage yesterday and I've finally been able to give it a good running for 5 hours. Pulled it out of storage, 2 pulls to start. Nice! (y)
It ran everything I put to it without a hiccup. The usual, fridge/freezer, stand alone freezer, microwave, 3 woodstove fans, 120v well pump, TV/entertainment, PC along with 3 household lights. I ran it the entire 5 hours on ECO mode. I imagine it would give a healthy grunt if everything was to come on all at once.
Because the outage wasnt overnight, I didnt get a chance to run it with the furnace, (propane), but I have no doubts it could handle it.
I really like the intelligauge meter as I can simply glance out the window to note the power usage. I also have to say this Champion really, really is Ultra Quiet as they state in their description.
It's still winter here, so no open windows, the sound of it running was basically non-existent inside the house.

One thing I've done with all of my inverter gens is to change out the standard ground nut to a wingnut. It makes the parallel routine that much quicker and now no need to keep a 10mm wrench handy.

This 4650 weighs in at 95-100lbs, so picking it up and putting on the tailgate of my truck is no issue, (as yet...).
I didnt measure the exact amount of fuel used in 5 hours but estimate it at roughly just a tad more than half gallon.
I gave the unit it's 3rd oil change along with a once-over before topping up the fuel and readying it for next use. I like the extended oil hose for fluid changes.
Heck, I even found the 4 cent spring clamp to actually prove worthwhile...
The gen sports a Wen (55201) magnetic dipstick, very minimal dust and no particles found with this oil change. Excellent product, kudos to Wen. (y)

When it comes to the petcock, like many of todays inverter gens the fuel shutoff is incorporated into the on/off switch. Using a paint pen I put a little dab of red on the switch's arrow to aid in shutdowns. As shown in the pic, by simply turning the dial switch to a spot just shy of turning the gen off, the fuel will be cutoff allowing the unit to run the bowl near empty, (it takes roughly 3 or 4 minutes of running). Some are happy at that point but I always completely drain the carb before storing by opening the bowl drain screw/bolt. To each their own in this regard.

Because the 4650 is parallel ready I expect to do some testing of it with one or possibly both of my 2200 inverter gens.
I imagine I'll have more to add in the future.

Closing with a simple hubcap pic...

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