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41553 9000/7200
This unit came with my house purchase back in '17, (and am very glad of it!). With the frequent outages in my region I'm grateful to have this Champion.
I've had zero issues with it, (knock on wood). It's a heavy weight, (approx 225lbs) the 439cc engine runs everything I've put to it to date, (fridge, freezer, 120v well pump, propane furnace, desktop PC, TV, satt & entertainment equipment, woodstove fans and of course lighting) with absolutely no THD issues. It's got a good amount of volume to it, Champion states a 74 db however I measured a 70.3 (phone app) with a 1500 watt load. DB volume is not a concern out here, I also find it pretty darn good on fuel. No complaints, it's been a workhorse for me.

Notice the paint pen mark of the plug and gen panel. Makes for a much quicker hookup with no guess work involved. (It's the little things that help)

The set-up I've been using for the house interior with the Champion L14-30 125/250V Y adapter.

I pulled the head cover off and had a look at the G-N bonded wire hookup. I'm about finished with switching my setup over to an interlock system hookup and decided to remove the neutral from the ground. (The Y adapter setup above will not be used now with the floating neutral on this generator, but I do have G-N bonding plug at the ready if needed)
I also did an RPM, voltage and Hz check, all 3 needed a bit of adjusting. 62 Hz and 123 volts on all legs now with a 3700 RPM. That adjustment screw on the AVR is super small, pics are deceiving of that little guy.

Finally remembered to add the breaker switch pic I installed back in the early fall. A super simple addition to aid in battery maintaining.

EDIT to add...A modification to provide some night aid

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