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From 1980's on...
All different
Posting up some saw pics, one being a cordless Stihl MSA-140. Fantastic little saw! I bought this 2 or 3 years ago now as I needed to try something to help aid in keeping my arthritis pain to as much of a minimum as possible. It works, no engine vibration whatsoever, made me a believer.
Stihl had one of their spring sales/promotions for the saw and get an extra battery for half price. I can go 45 min with either battery with a quick stop at 2 bars to refill the bar oil. Completely drained each battery takes about 3 hours to fully recharge.
It's a 12 inch chain with a narrow kerf and 1/4" pitch. Love it, it's my goto saw on most days. You can work it, (I have used it plenty with 8 and 10" dia logs), but not near to the extreme you would with a gas saw. The quick adjust tensioner is a really nice feature.
I do a fair amount of 4 wheelin' with my ATV and this little guy most always is along for the ride.

I bought this Stihl in the spring of '17 as I'd just moved to a new place off the beaten path and knew I'd be making good use of it.
16" Stihl MS-170 and like any of their products, it works great as intended, (for me anyway). I wouldn't mind a wee bit more jam out of it (30cc) as I can lug it down on occasion. I may try a narrow kerf chain on it in the near future.

Lastly my old Homelite XL-76, it was my Dad's originally and handed down when he'd had enough of wood cutting.
A great old beast, 58cc, 24", made in Canada and still does a mean cut to this day. I used it for a short time this morning. I dont/cant run it too long as the vibrations of the old girl makes my wrists lame in short order. With it being a manual oiler it's not a saw I lend out.
I guess they're kind of a collectors item, but I'll not part with it, it'll get handed down again, (but hopefully not for MANY years!).

The Trio

Edit to add...

This new 4" cordless beast has found its way into the mix. Not alot to say at this point in time mainly due to having to deal with snow removal.
Feels great in my hands tho, variable trigger, 2 batteries, extra chain, carrying case.
It's almost laughable but I envision a bright future with it and I'll be able to provide more info once I get some use out of it, for now tho just a pic...

Another excellent feature...The ability to use any of the Makita batteries I have floating around.

Latest addition...20" Radley with a 52cc. Overseas yes, but so far so good. Outstanding value for the price. Actual usable bar & chain length is 18".

Sup?! :LOL:
Amazon order came thru, 62cc Supmix with a 20" bar & chain. Being another overseas model saw, plenty of shared similarities with the above saw. Actual cutting length of 19", the saws balance and weight feel excellent in my hands.

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