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18 so far.
A recent purchase as a backup to the Champion 9000 and for summer use. So far so good, great price, quieter running, love the remote option for an effortless shutdown.
Hopefully I wont have a need for it, but the stated 5 year warranty from Home Hardware is impressive.
I did a voltage check with RPM at 3600 and all legs are sitting at 122/123 volts while the HZ is running at 62 with no load.

The units keyfob remote...

I pulled the cover off today to examine the G-N wire bond and left it alone. For now anyway...

For anyone wondering, by removing and taping the terminal ring of the white wire, (painted red for reference) will then set the gen with a floating neutral.

The set-up I have been using for the house interior with the Champion L14-30 125/250V Y adapter.

About a month ago I added a breaker to the 12v positive cable as the power switch had somehow found it's way to being left on, resulting in a dead battery. I added the breaker to put a stop to that. Simple install as you can see. (I also did the same with my Champion model the same day).

I added 7 more hours of use to this unit yesterday (Dec 23) after wheeling it into place. Closed the breaker and as expected was quick to fire up.
Because the wind/snow was coming from every direction (but mainly from the south), for the first time ever I had to throw together a quick make-shift barricade to protect it from the elements. A pain in the butt, but it worked. (Pic is after the fact).

EDIT to add...A modification to provide some night aid

So far so good, I'm quite pleased with this unit. Just like my Champion 9000, this unit has powered all I've put to it to date, (fridge, freezer, 120v well pump, propane furnace, desktop PC, TV, satt & entertainment equipment, woodstove fans and of course lighting) with absolutely no THD issues.
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