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Showcase cover image for B & S 2200 Inverter

General Information

Inverter Generator
Briggs and Stratton
Approx Somewhere Between 100 and 125
Purchased for camping and flea market use roughly 7 or 8 years ago. It doesnt get used much these days, but sure is handy to have around.
It's a typical quiet inverter with ECO mode, (54 db on, 61 w/ECO off). 111cc, 2200/1700, parallel plug ready, outlet is front and center. This unit uses a fuel pump and is not gravity fed. I like the H style carrying handle, (being approx 55lbs) the handle is great for one or two people to carry around.
Smooth and quiet, floating neutral, I guess with the B&S parallel kit you can also twin it up with the P2400, P3000 as well as another P2200 inverter gen.
I like it, it serves me well. At the time of purchase it was 1/3 of the cost of the two major players, (might still be?). Any extra money kept in my pocket is always a good thing!

UPDATE Right on! I was gifted a sweet little adapter cord on the weekend (partial payment for some small engine work) and look forward to giving it a test run on this B&S inverter. This'll be great for those short daytime outages where all I need is to run fridge/freezer/well pump.
It has a 5-15 plug (120v) on gen side that I can then connect to one of my 10/4 cords with a L14-30 (240v) plug.
Make note...In no situation will it or I be attempting to use for 240v. Strictly 120v usage.

Recently did a 12v DC charging outlet test. Pic is from ECO mode, my camera failed for the 2nd ECO off pic but I do recall it being in the 14.2 volt range.

Altho I dont have this specific parallel kit, I thought I'd post up a pic of the unit B & S offers.

I recently ordered up/received (what Amazon calls) a parallel cord with an L14-30 plug. In reality it is not a true parallel cord but a combiner cord.
I still look forward to pairing it up with my Radley inverter gen and testing in the very near future for 120v use.

My thanks go out to forum member (Mbrake) for suggesting this fantastic time saving idea.

Quick, easy and simple...Installing a rubber grommet plug(s) to allow fast access to the carb bowl drain screw. Unlike the Radley the carb screw drain is offset on an angle with this B&S. Therefore I also want a sight window while bringing the screwdriver up from the lower end of the panel. Hence I used 2 rubber grommet plugs. 7/8" for the upper sight window and a 1" plug for the lower drain access.
Below is a pic of the 2 spade bits and a de-burring tool...

Again, a super simple mod that will slightly speed up the carb drain processon this model. I say slightly as the B&S panel removal is done with with 2 phillips head screws which is reasonably quick as it is. The rubber grommets do speed the process up a tad.

Completed pic...

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